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Monday, November 14, 2011

Who is shooting your wedding?

      First off I have to apologize for the length of time between blog posts. When I wrote “don’t be afraid” I didn’t know we’d be hit locally by an earthquake, a hurricane, and a blizzard in the span of a few months, its been a little hectic.

      On to the current topic.  I have shot several hundred weddings in my career, its been a while since I have done one professionally, but weddings themselves have not changed all that much. What does seem to have changed is the quality of the photographer in this new digital age. 

       I know everyone with a digital SLR calls themselves a photographer now, and I know price is often a deciding factor, but the level of skill and “professionalism”  I have seen at the last few weddings I have attended as a guest is appalling.  If you are getting married please ask yourself a simple question, “are your wedding photos and memories worth something to you?” If Kim Kardasian can sell her wedding photos for $18 million shouldn’t yours be worth something to you? The photographer shouldn’t be an afterthought, the last thing you plan for. If you want an album that looks like a simple snapshot album, ask aunt Harriet. If you want something you will actually look at, hire a professional, a real professional. When you are looking for a photographer there are several questions you should ask, and several key things to look for.  Is the person a full time photographer or someone who just shoots weddings on weekends? Are the pictures you are looking at actually taken by the person who is actually going to be at your wedding? If they are trying to impress you with the equipment they have instead of talking about the photographs, walk away. What is the person you are talking to like? Can you handle spending several hours of the biggest day of your life with them? Personality IS important. 

        If your wedding is important to you, the photographs and  the photographer should be important as well. Do your homework, hire a real professional.

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